Hong Kong’s top 5 restaurants

30 May 2018

Dim sumHong Kong’s culinary scene is bustling with an unending list of options for the hungry traveller. Traditional, local food meets foreign cuisine, creating a perfect blend of the two. Uniquely-made food and original dining environments are found all over Hong Kong, where your only concern will be choosing which of the many to dine at – (61 of which are Michelin-starred!) Here are five favourites you must try:

Tin Lung Heen
Located on the 102nd floor of The Ritz-Carlton, this restaurant offers dreamy views. Sophisticated, well-kept interiors attract nicely-dressed crowds, filling up the restaurant on the daily. The food here is often described as perfection and purely a work of art. Chef de cuisine Paul Lau Ping Lui works his magic, creating delicious dishes and dim sum options.

Luk Yu Tea House
This Michelin-recommended tea house is mostly known for being one of the most historic restaurants in Hong Kong’s Central District. Dating back to the 1930s, old-fashioned decor and wooden furniture fill up the place. A variety of traditional dim sum dishes that are no longer easily found elsewhere make this long-running restaurant a unique place.

Caprice is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant transporting you into a world of French cuisine. With an extensive wine list and cheese collection as well as one’s favourite seafood dishes, chef de cuisine Guillaume Galliot ensures there is something for everyone. Located in the Four Seasons Hong Kong, this glamorous dining room will complement the delicious food well.

Chef Fung Man-Ip’s refined style and attention to detail shines through his traditional Cantonese dishes, leaving you wanting more. That’s not all – The adorable garden terrace and artwork collections will make your visit a memorable one.

Fresh, sleek interiors that take inspiration from a Parisian-style bistro will automatically attract you to this place. Blue leather boots and wooden chairs fill the interior. Daniel Calvert provides delicious and original dishes, from pigeon pie to a fresh oyster tartare – Something will surely appeal to your taste buds. A wide range of French wines is also offered here.